Fly to Outer Space From the UAE!

Royal Jet, the Abu Dhabi based private jet company has just launched a luxury travel division at the Arabian Travel Market 2012; a partnership with the Eden Luxury Group. Royal Jet is now offering luxurious trips around the world – villa and chalet rentals, yachts or ski trips, and even private hotels. Royal Jet will even be providing trips to outer space as of the end of 2013 at the price of $100,000!

This unique trip to space will involve 6 hours in outer space in the utmost comfort as passengers view the moon and planets up close.

Those of you who are interested can start booking now. According to Royal Jet, many have already paid the full amount of the trip and reserved seats on this out-of-this-world experience, but names remain confidential.

$100,000 is not a big price to pay for such an experience; discovering outer space in style. It’s definitely something you won’t forget for the rest of your life.