Do You Think Malak Looks Like Haifa?

Let’s be honest, ever since Haifa Wehbe’s shining success over the past decade, many copycats have emerged on the Arab music scene; not only trying to sound like Haifa, but to look like her. One whose claim to fame was being labeled “Haifa’s Clone” is Malak el Nasser, the Jordanian singer known for her song “El Hawa Tayyar Fustani”. Yes, ridiculous. But what can we expect from someone who bases their life and potential success on being like another person?

Malak's dress...about to fly...

While I wish Malak the best in not letting her dress fly in the wind, in this air of triviality, I ask you the following insignificant question:

Do you think Malak looks like Haifa?

Yes or No?

Answer below so that we can reach a verdict once and for all.

Haifa Wehbe