Diana Karazon: Do you Like her Chubby or Skinny?

Rising to fame as the winner of Future TV’s first Superstar, Diana Karazon stood out not because of her sex appeal, but because of her God-given talent. Her angelic voice overshadowed her overweight figure and won the hearts of millions across the Arab world. This didn’t stop many from criticizing her weight though, and audiences would always demand that she lose weight and improve her physical appearance.

Today, Diana has shed half her weight and looks beautiful and elegant while still having her great voice. Ironically enough, this has also brought on even more criticism in the sense that people believe she should go back to her former weight.

This is baffling – should she remain slender, sexy and healthy or go back to being chubby? I personally prefer her as she is now because she looks great and it reflects on her self-confidence level; but what do you prefer, the old or the new Diana?