Cash Flow: A 100% Lebanese Movie


The Lebanese movie industry has been improving a lot lately. We’re seeing better acting, better story lines, better directing, and the result is more exposure on an international level. With Nadine Labaki’s Where Do We Go Now? movie’s success, the bar has been raised when it comes to local productions.

Next in line is Cash Flow, a 100% Lebanese movie, written and directed by Sami Koujan, and starring Carlos Azar and Nadine Njeim. The rest of the cast features popular actors like Tony Abou Jaoudeh, Teta Latifa and Shant Kabakian among several others.

The story revolves around a struggling young man called Mazen (Azar), who loves living large regardless of his very low income. He falls in love with his coworker Elsa (Njeim), who is part of the high society. Knowing that he can’t keep up with her lifestyle, he is reluctant to ask her out until one day, when he saves the life of a rich philanthropist and is awarded a credit card from which he can withdraw 1000 USD daily. His life changes and he finally gathers up enough courage to ask Elsa out. With this newly acquired fortune comes newly attracted (and unwanted) attention from unpleasant people trying to do everything in their power to push Mazen to give up his credit card.

The plot sounds interesting and can definitely apply to our society. The movie will be out at the end of this month. How do you expect it to be? We’re definitely looking forward to seeing it, especially with its well thought out cast of good actors and original concept.

Are you looking forward to seeing Cash Flow?