Abboud launches ‘50% for 50 days’ campaign

Minister of Tourism, Fadi Abboud, on Tuesday launched the “50% off for 50 days” campaign, during a news conference he held at his office in the Ministry, in presence of a panel of representatives of tourism syndicates and media means.

“We confirm that Lebanon never fades, and that laughter shall remain on the faces of the Lebanese, despite difficulties,” Abboud said.

He explained that the campaign is a revived version of the famous “Shopping Month,” and that it aims at energizing national economy.

Abboud did not fail to shed light on the role of media in promoting for this campaign.

“On this occasion, I call upon politicians for 50 smiles, 50 love messages, and 50 cooperation and reassurance messages, to all those wishing to visit Lebanon,” he said.

He maintained that Lebanon is the most beautiful country in the world. “It is secure and not hopeless.”

The campaign, to last from January 8 till February 28, consists of many packages at encouraging and competitive prices.

Tourists and citizens can benefit from 50% discounts on travel tickets, hotel fees, car rentals, restaurants, and stores.