ABSOLUT debuts “ABSOLUT GLIMMER” – a limited EDITION bottle with a crystal shape

After all the successful seasonal gift packs in recent years, ABSOLUT VODKA is now tweaking its design story with the launch of ABSOLUT GLIMMER. Made in crystal pattern-shaped glass, this limited edition bottle is designed to make the present exceptional.  ABSOLUT GLIMMER is a perfect gift and collector’s item, which elevates and brings energy to any party or night out. More than 100 markets will launch ABSOLUT GLIMMER during the fall.

“Our latest holiday initiatives, ABSOLUT DISCO, ABSOLUT MASQUERADE and ABSOLUT ROCK EDITION, were highly appreciated by customers around the world. This time we wanted to create something truly different. For the first time ever, we challenged the bottle shape by modifying the finish of the glass. ABSOLUT GLIMMER is a glimmering version of our iconic bottle, re-designed to dazzle people in any place and happening where it is present”, says Anna Malmhake, Vice President, Global Marketing.

ABSOLUT GLIMMER is a stylish design concept that challenges the norm of the traditional gift pack. With its glimmering design and crystallic facets, it is a definite eye-catcher. It does not only look stunning. By its mere presence, ABSOLUT GLIMMER inspires people to dress up, shine and always look for those small but precious indulgences.

“With ABSOLUT GLIMMER, we want to encourage people to make the present exceptional. The idea that any moment anywhere can turn out to be a memory for life – bringing inspiration and excitement to any event – is what this bottle is all about”, Anna Malmhake says.

ABSOLUT GLIMMER launches with a signature drink, ABSOLUT CRYSTAL CLEAR, easily mixed to make your party exceptional.