A Breathtaking Sea View

Always something to do in Lebanon… sea view, a typical statement we say… oooh amazing sea view… we take you into the concept of tranquility and relaxation that is found at Sea View Ecosystems, on City Mall Sea Side Street, offering a wide range of living pieces of art. In a world where stress fills a remarkable part of one’s life, comes a relief embodied in an evasion to a world of reefs where serenity has a home… the Amazon River, The Great Barrier Reef of Australia, The Anemone City of Sharm el Sheik, or the Hawaiian reef among many others…. the choice is yours to install ready made or custom made aquariums that suit your mood, whether at home or office.

Take your kids this weekend and show them a different world, different ecosystems where the stars were the Black-Tip Sharks, inan ambiance of entertaining light and sound effects that left the guests floating in captivation of the magical world of Sea View.