Vertu: 2011 Ascent Carbon Fiber Collection

Vertu launched the first luxury mobile phone featuring carbon fibre in 2005, which was truly innovative at that time. Since then, carbon fibre has become a key element of the Ascent material palette. Its almost obsessive use in motorsports brings a strong association between Ascent and the motor racing arena, reinforcing the positioning of the collection in the world of high performance cars.

With the 2011 Carbon Fibre collection, Vertu confirms its pioneering competence with the use, for the first time, of high strength carbon fibre based on nano tube technology along with the development of the material in innovative faceted design. Furthermore, the vibrant lime green and orange colour features applied on black finished metal or leather come together to build a powerful sports look. The 2011 Ascent Carbon Fibre collection reflects once again the strong character of Ascent as a product engineered for strength and will appeal to discerning luxury consumers in the fast lane.