2009 Lebanon in Review: Lebanese launch the first review of the nation

‘Lebanon in Review – 2009’ covers 365 days of vivacity’

Beirut, December 18, 2009 – The greatest year in Lebanese tourism history has been documented for an eternity, in a comprehensive review of the nation, entitled Lebanon in Review – 2009. A gift from the Lebanese people, to the Lebanese people, the publication features snapshots from an array of areas, covering nightlife, natural wonders, concerts and festivals.

2009 was in fact a paramount year in Lebanese history in regard to tourism and events. Regardless of its heated past, Lebanon was voted the top touristic destination to visit in 2009, by the New York Times website.

A team of dedicated individuals faced the challenge to document this year in its entirety, leaving no stone unturned, or event unvisited, to create a publication to give to the Lebanese people and tourists as a gift. In total, 20,000 copies were distributed around Lebanon, free of charge, in order for all to share the vivacity of the country.

Lebanon in Review – 2009 covers an array of areas. Firstly, the ‘Flashback’ section covers all events passed in 2009. From beach events, to the Francophone Games, clubs, pubs, Baalbeck and Byblos festivals, to concerts which took place, the ‘Flashback section,’ with breathtaking snapshots, is in commemoration of 2009. The ‘In Full Swing’ section is dedicated to covering all present or upcoming events, such as the New Year celebrations, prominent Lebanese DJs and the best drink recipes to sip on.

Lebanon in Review – 2009, was supported extensively by www.marcomlux.com, a decade-old website, dedicated to highlighting Lebanese heritage and events. In addition, the review could not have been realized, was it not for the team who dedicated themselves to ensure Lebanon in Review – 2009 was up to par. The team behind the publication, who shared the same vision, is: Jean Ghalo, Anthony Rahayel, Hasan Karaky, Ceem Haidar and Lana Baban.

Enjoying nationwide circulation, Lebanon in Review – 2009, is available at all Virgin Megastores on counters, at coffee shops, beauty salons and can be ordered online free of charge from www.marcomlux.com. In addition, it is distributed to all parties concerned which operate in the industry, such as hotels, restaurants, clubs, pubs, media and creative agencies, DJs and artists, as well as on university campuses.

A special thanks to all of the sponsors who made this a reality, making history in issuing the first ever review of the deserving nation; namely www.marcomlux.com and GVS, as well as many other sponsors who have contributed their time and resources, believing in this venture.

The team at Lebanon in Review – 2009, would like to wish all readers a happy new year. May 2010 once again surpass our expectations.

Do not wait to pick up your free copy to explore and revisit some of the most memorable times of 2009.