100 Years of Louis Vuitton’s Small Leather Goods

To celebrate Louis Vuitton’s 100 years of small leather goods (slg), a super special event was held in Paris during the Paris Fashion Week. Poised and posed alongside taxidermy animals at the famous Deyrolle House were one-of-a-kind pieces created by British artist Billie Achilleos, who was tasked with the enviable job of creating animals using nothing but small leather goods (and other bits and pieces) from Louis Vuitton.

With a total of 29 pieces exhibited, the celebration shows the variety that Louis Vuitton has to offer when it comes to SLGs. Other interesting pieces included a frog made up of green Monogram Vernis pieces, and an owl made up of Monogram Denim. There was even an armadillo that I suspect would be the single most expensive piece in the collection, given the fact that it was covered with Heritage and Monogram Empreinte SLGs from head to toe.

I like!