1..2..3.. LEBANON!! National Team defeats Canada in 2010 FIBA World Championship

They started the game with one thing in mind…. The love and glory of the nation!! 1, 2, 3 Lebanon Fadi Al Khatib led the cheer before the starting whistle against the mighty Canadians. Fadi, Matt, Jackson, Roni, and Elie carried the hopes of million of Lebanese back at home and all over the world. Fadi started with a 3 pointer, Matt followed with another one, and the game begins.

Lebanon defeated the Canadians  81-71 in 2010 FIBA World Championship in Turkey. Fadi, Matt and Roni along with the National Team were all stars, Fadi Al Khatib who was fasting during the game scored 31 points, and Matt just hammered the Canadian basket with his 3 pointers launched from everywhere on the court. Jean Abdul Nour was another star in the game with his re-bound and his hyper-active attitude in steals and scoring.

The Canadians tried to take control more than once, but the Cedar Team could not allow it, simply cause they know how to win a game for Lebanon.

We have to point out that Lebanon was the only Arab team to win its game today after the unfortunate loss of the Jordanian team against Australia 75-74, and the big win of Slovenia against Tunisia.

Lebanon was be represented by Rony Fahed, Roy Samaha, Fadi El Khatib, Jean Abdel-nour, Bassel Bawji, Brian Beshara, Omar El Turk, Elie Estephane, Daniel Faris, Matt Freije, Ahmad Ibrahim, Ali Kanaan, Ali Mahmoud, Jackson Vroman and coached Tab Baldwin.

The next game will be played tomorrow against France at 6:30 p.m Beirut timing.

BeirutNightLife.com saluts the Lebanese National Basketball Team Soldiers fighting in the World Championship!!