LMFAO New Release Rocks the Party

I would be in utter shock if I entered a club and didn’t hear the latest hit single, Party Rock Anthem, by American electro hop duo LMFAO. Redfoo and SlyBlu have returned with a sophomore album titled “Sorry For Party Rocking”, which doesn’t stray from their original style. Simply put, LMFAO make feel-good party music with a club vibe. Their easygoing demeanor lends itself perfectly to their unique musical stylings. LMFAO seem to be aware of exactly who they are and what they are aiming for. Giving fans something to laugh about, dance to and drink to. This fresh album is a breath of fresh air with unique synth and dance beats, making it clear that LMFAO is poised to continue releasing hits that you will be dancing to now and in the future.


Suggested tracks: Party Rock Anthem, Put That A*$ to Work, With You

Track list:
01. Rock The Beat II
02. Sorry For Party Rocking
03. Party Rock Anthem Featuring Lauren Bennett & Goonrock
04. Sexy And You Know It
05. Champagne Showers Featuring Natalia Kills
06. One Day
07. Put The A*$ To Work
08. Take It To The Hole Featuring Busta Rhymes
09. We Came Here To Party Featuring Goonrock
10. Reminds Me Of You
11. Best Night Featuring Will.I.Am, Goonrock & Eva Simons
12. All Night Long Featuring Lisa
13. With You
14. Hot Dog

Released: June 21, 2011 Interscope Records