30 Seconds To Mars: The Hurricane 2.0 Controversy

The current hit single “Hurricane 2.0” by 30 Seconds to Mars features the talented Kanye West. The original “Hurricane” belongs to the rock band’s third studio album This is War that was released in November 2009. This is War does not feature “Hurricane 2.0” due to legal issues surrounding the rights of each record company. Kanye’s vocal contribution was removed from the album at the time, but the rock band was very excited to work with Kanye and promised to release the single eventually. That promise came through just recently, and the song was released under the name “Hurricane 2.0”.

Aside to all the conflicts that came with releasing the song itself, its 13 min. 10 sec video that premiered on November 29, 2010 created a lot of hype and controversy and was banned from primetime TV due to elements of violence, nudity, and sex. Jared Leto (lead singer of the band and director of the video) posted the letter from MTV regarding the censorship of the video on his blog. It lists the offensive scenes, such as a woman running her finger on the anus of another woman wearing a thong – this shot was classified as “restricted” and thus the whole video became completely restricted. Another censored version of the video was made for TV.

Here’s what Jared Leto had to say about the censorship of the video:

“I didn’t expect all this to happen, but it’s a good thing that it happens, only because of the conversation that it may provoke, about these sort of things, and looking at art and creative expression and weighing that against protecting the viewers from the exhibition of certain behaviors.”

Follow this link to watch the uncensored video: