Music Sharing Monday on!

There is one thing that goes hand in hand with nightlife, and to go even further with life itself. That one this is music. The music world is vast and to me seems endless. On a weekly basis I attend clubs, pubs and events that fill my ears with melodies. It is always a great thing to expand your music library. Whether you are a DJ, a rock-star, an industry professional or more importantly a true fan of music, coming across new solid tunes is more then a pleasure.

Every week I post a list of 10 artists, albums or songs to check out, in hopes to share my music library with fellow BNLer’s.

Feel free to leave comments regarding my suggestions or your own music suggestions in the comment box below.


1. Bonafied Lovin’ – Chromeo: P-Thugg and Dave 1…these guys are great. Before mentioning the music let me start by mentioning P-Thugg’s real name, Patrick Gemayel. Yep that is right 1/2 of Chromeo is bonafied Lebanese! The two are childhood friends and jokingly describe themselves as “the only successful Arab/Jewish partnership since the dawn of human culture”, talented and hilarious. Electro fans pick up a Chromeo album , and listen to one of my favorite songs…Bonafied Lovin’.




2. Payphone – Maroon 5 featuring Wiz Khalifa: The two artists who this song belongs to speak for themselves. What a power house collaboration!






3. Dance Again- Jennifer Lopez: Another JLo Jam and again featuring Pitbull. Can’t go wrong there! This song is great to be played at clubs, and in the summer. An all around hot track to move your body to.






4. Mayer Hawthorne: Retro, Soulful, and incredible. Mayer Hawthorne is an extremely talented American singer, producer, songwriter, arranger, audio engineer, DJ, rapper and mult-instrumentalist. When I first heard his music I was taken back by his soulfully smooth voice. After I saw a photo of who the voice belong to, I was shocked (in a great way). Please pick up his albums to see exactly what I am talking about.




5. Domino – Jessie J: I have to be honest I didn’t know who Jessie J was until someone at the mall ran up to me thinking I was she. Out of curiosity I went home and Googled her and her music and needless to say I was happy I did. Domino is a great upbeat song that I can listen to more than twice in one day (which is saying a lot). The song peaked at number 6 on Billboard’s Top 100 Chart.







6. Bloc Party: Another great band that doesn’t get enough recognition, which is maybe one reason they went on hiatus in 2009. Luckily for us this British indie rock band got back together in 2011 and are now writing new material. Check out “Helicopter” to get yourself into the band.



7. Mastodon: Awesome heavy metal rock band. Their songs feature unique instrumentation with a mix of clean vocals as well as harsh screams. They are extremely talented musicians and the live shows are hypnotizing to say the least. Heavy music fans do yourself a favor and checkout this band.






8. Najwa Karam: Hey, just because I just mentioned a metal band doesn’t mean I won’t mention Najwa right after! She is a multi-platinum selling artist. This Lebanese recording artist and Philanthropist, has sold over 50 million albums worldwide. She has set the bar high for any singers attempting to follow in her footsteps. Her voice is truly one of a kind.









9. If I Could Turn Back Time – Cher: Speaking of amazing female singers with incredible voices…Cher! This legendary woman deserves so much recognition. If I Could Turn Back Time was her major comeback hit, which might I add was a success. She is another woman who set the bar high for other artists.






10. Empire of the Sun: Synth-Pop and Indie Rock fans…here you go! This Australian electronic music duo is just for you. Their first album Walking on a Dream shot the duo to international success and to date has been certified double platinum in Australia and gold in United Kingdom. One of their most popular songs Walking on a Dream is my favorite song of theirs.