Music Sharing Monday on!

There is one thing that goes hand in hand with nightlife, and to go even further, and with life itself. That one thing is music. The music world is vast and to me seems endless. On a weekly basis I attend clubs, pubs and events that fill my ears with melodies. It is always a great thing to expand your music library. Whether you are a DJ, a rock-star, an industry professional or more importantly a true fan of music, coming across new solid tunes is more then a pleasure.

Every week I post a list of 10 artists, albums or songs to check out, in hopes to share my music library with fellow BNLer’s.

Feel free to leave comments regarding my suggestions or your own music suggestions in the comment box below.


1. Would I Lie to You? – Charles & Eddie: This song was the debut single by the interracial pop-soul duo, and it proved to be their biggest hit. It peaked at 13 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart. The R&B hit from the 80’s is a classic that I am sure you know the words to, even if you think you have never heard of the duo.






2. Drive By – Train: Just when I spoke too soon…You might remember from my last Music Monday post that I said I am not the biggest fan of Train. Turns out I spoke too soon because their newest single out is great. It’s very catchy, fun and a good tune all around.








3. Golden Brown – The Stranglers: I love this song. It is sexy, soothing and upbeat at the same time. The song is by English Rock band the Stranglers. Check it out!








4. Justify My Love – Madonna: Yep Madonna again, and I don’t care she is amazing. I have to mention Justify My Love as it is one of the sexiest Madonna songs and the video is simply a work of art. Incredible!








5. Nate Dogg: I know Nate Dogg is a rapper that kind of fell off the map…but man is he cool. A member of Hip-Hop group 213, as well as collaborated with greats like Dr. Dre, Tupac, Snoop Dog and more… he definitely deserves some credit for putting out good Rap music.






6. Dance, Dance – Fall Out Boy: Remember the band Fall Out Boy? Pop fans had to have been bummed when the band broke up. Dance, Dance is a great song they put out. It reached number 9 on the Hot 100 Chart. The song also shows that the singer Patrick Stump really does have a strong, soulful voice.






7. Fairuz: Concerded to be the most famous singer in the Arab World. Incredible voice, she will always be a legend. All around a beautiful woman.





8. Sing, Sing, Sing – Benny Goodman: The Swing Dance anthem. It will make you want to jump and jive, even if you don’t know how to.








9. One Headlight – The Wallflowers: Great song, great band. I wouldn’t expect anything else from the son of Bob Dylan! Jakob Dylan and band had a few great hits in the 90’s but One Headlight is definitely the track everyone loved.







10. I’m Real – Jennifer Lopez featuring Ja Rule: What a great little Hip-Hop gem from the early 2000’s. The two performers mixed together very well for this Hip-Hop hit with a pop touch.