Mario Ochoa Interview

mario ochoa at b018BNL: First time in Beirut , what did u think of it when u were asked to be here ?
Mario: well… first I thought nothing hehehehe, when the gig was confirmed I was so excited because this was my first time in the other
side of the world.

BNL: Were you trying to prepare something special for Beirut , or did u consider it same as other gigs ?
Mario: Well I try to prepare some remixes of lebanese music but I have a lot of things to do and I cant do this remixes
but I promise for the lebanese people 1 or 2 remixes for my next gig there

BNL: What were your first thoughts when u first entered B018
Mario: Crazy, Underground, beautiful, red, dark

BNL: What do u think about the lebanese clubbers , and what’s the difference between them and other clubbers form the world ?
Mario: Simply love it, warm people, cool people, full of soul and full of taste for the electronic music.

BNL: What do U think about DJ Fady’s warm set ?
Mario: Nice set… is not my kind of music but I like it.

BNL: Was it easy to interact with them ?
Mario: Yeah sure

BNL: Who inspired u to become a DJ , and how did it happen ?
Mario: Well I think nobody, it just was a dream since I was a child, I’m working with music since I have 9, I started with heavy metal then comes
the hip hop music and finally I choose the electronic music for my career and my life, since I’m dj I was resident in like 11 clubs now
I have monthly residences in 4 clubs in Colombia and 2 in Venezuela, the rest of the time I’m always studying or in my home studio.

BNL: What are your favorite things about DJing?
Mario: Make feel things to the people with my music, u know u can create any kind of feeling with the music like sadness, happiness etc.

BNL: What have you learnt from this experience of DJing and Producing ?
Mario: I learn a lot about other cultures, every people I know have something different to say and I learn a lot of this people.
I know a lot of famous people who I never thought I can know them and be friend… I have the best work in the work!

BNL: What does put you in the mood to produce such pumping tunes ?
Mario: Because I like to jump… so I like the people still jumping all the time

BNL: I noticed you’re a big fan of “Final Scratch” , why is that ?
Mario: Well I always hate final scratch before, because is “easy”, “not heavy” blah blah blah blah, BUT when I touch it for the first time
I fall in love of Final Scratch is exactly the same when you are playing a real vinyl, so now I am one of the biggest supporters of
final scratch in America.

BNL: What is your conclusion about Lebanon? the gig there? and the promoters ?
Mario: The gig simply great, I don’t know what the people thinks, I think I saw a good vibe at b018 with my music, I love the people asking
for pictures (I love pictures, ask to jean), the promoters are great… and now not are just promoters they are friends.

BNL: Your last words for the lebanese clubbers !

By Nick Tohmé