Lil Wayne: “I Am Not a Human Being”

Lil Wayne’s latest album, “I Am Not a Human Being,” is not as experimental as the rapper’s previous rock-tinged “Rebirth” set that arrived earlier this year, and most fans will likely appreciate this. But it doesn’t mean the new release is on the level of his hit “Carter” series, either.

With Wayne being in jail for the past seven months, it’s likely that the material on “I Am Not a Human Being” was left over from “Rebirth” (the rock-flavored title track) or from Young Money’s 2009 “We Are Young Money” compilation (“Popular”). Unfortunately, leftovers are just that-songs that weren’t good enough to make the final cut. The good news, however, is Wayne returns to classic form on some of the new tracks.

 A prime example is the song “Gonorrhea,” where Wayne raps, “I wouldn’t wanna be ya/I don’t want your gonorrhea.” And over typical hip-hop, double-speed drums on the cut “Bill Gates,” he boasts, “I used to be ballin’, now I’m Bill Gating.” The best news of all is that Wayne is expected to drop the highly anticipated “Tha Carter IV” fairly soon.

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