John OO Fleming Biography / Discography


Few people can claim to have been at the pinnacle of their profession for a sustained period of time, having enjoyed so much success and still be leading the way forward. John 00 Fleming is one of few artists in dance music that has preserved underground respect whilst enjoying commercial success during a career spanning two decades awarding him the sort of experience that most other DJs can only dream of.

His ability to transcend genres in a quest to take great music to the masses, has resulted in a unique and sought after sound that is purely ‘JOOF’. A pioneering producer and DJ, John 00 Fleming has led his own sonic movement, respected by artists across the globe from Moby and Muse to Jean Michel Jarre.

John has sold 10 million records, with singles on over 100 mix compilations and has remixed a cross section of elite artists from Erasure to Nine Inch Nails. He has had 10 mix compilations  and 5 singles in the UK Top 40 charts on labels including Virgin, EMI and Warner Music.

In clubs, warehouses, basements, festivals and charts across the world, John 00 Fleming has well and truly earned his reputation as one of the most in-demand and well respected artists in dance music. |




John 00 Fleming & Digital Blonde ‘Sunburn’ EP
John 00 Fleming ‘JAWA’ (JOOF)
John 00 Fleming & Digital Blonde ‘Epicate’ (Iboga)
John 00 Fleming & Digital Blonde ‘Oxygene’ (JOOF)
John 00 Fleming ‘Nervous breakdown’ (JOOF)
John 00 Fleming vs X-Noise (Hommega)
John 00 Fleming & Digital Blonde (00.db) ‘Lantra’ (Ministry of sound)
John 00 Fleming & Digital Blonde (00.db) ‘Pro 1’ (Ministry of sound)
John 00 Fleming & Digital Blonde (00.db) ‘Worlds of space’ (Ministry of sound)
John 00 Fleming vs Chakra ‘Concieved of the rhythm’ (Hommega)
John 00 Fleming & Wizzy Noise ‘Endelexia’ (JOOF)
John 00 Fleming & Digital Blonde (00.db) ‘Twister’ (JOOF)
John 00 Fleming & Wizzy Noise ‘Cydonia’ (Warners)
John 00 Fleming ‘Rasa Lila’ (JOOF)
John 00 Fleming & The Digital Blonde (00.db) ‘Fused’ (JOOF)
John 00 Fleming vs Astrix ‘3rd time lucky’ (HOMmega)
Fleming & Lawrence ‘Attention’ (JOOF)
John 00 Fleming vs. M.I.K.E ‘Dame Blanche’ (JOOF)
John 00 Fleming ‘I’m not fooled’ (Subversive)
John 00 Fleming vs. Astral Projection ‘Mahadeva’ (JOOF)
John 00 Fleming ‘Le Voyage’ E.P. (Parts 1-4) (JOOF)
Supakane “The theme from Supakane” (Virgin)
John “00” Fleming vs M.I.K.E “Ice cream” (Bonzai)
John “00” Fleming vs Hemstock & Jennings “Genetica” (Nebula)
John “00” Fleming “Belfast Trance” (Virgin)
S2POR (John “00” Fleming) “Either” (JOOF)
John “00” Fleming “Free” (React music)
John “00” Fleming “Lost in Emotion” (React Music)
S2POR (John “00” Fleming) “Make me feel” (JOOF)
John “00” Fleming “Alpha 5” (React Music)
John “00” Fleming & Russell Floorplay “No reference of time” (JOOF)
John “00” Fleming & Russell Floorplay “Come on baby” (Automatic)
John “00” Fleming vs Pretty pretty “Where did you get those pills” (Bond-age)
John “00” Fleming vs Steam system “Baracca destroy” (Bond-age)


Nicholas Bennison ‘Turbomachinery’ (Propulsion)
Muse ‘Knights of Cydonia’ (Warners)
Triptych -Tuned EP (Turbo Trance)
Nickelson featuring Aromabar – Winter Pageant (EMI)
John 00 Fleming & The Digital Blonde ‘Fused’ (JOOF)
Jones & Stephenson (Bonzai)
Matt Darey ‘Eternity’ (Darey)
Flash bros ‘Faith in love’ (Perfecto)
L.S.G. ‘Netherworld’ (Remix) (JOOF)
Beetseekers ‘Reflection’ (JOOF)
B*P*M ‘Angel’ (EMI)
JF Sebastian ‘Obsession’ (Mirror ball)
Discovery “Missing” Nebula Recordings (Virgin)
Seraque “Wandering star” Landslide (Captivation sounds)
Energy 52 “Café del Mar” (Hooj Choons)
Mark James “I luv America” (Vicious)
Alien Project “People can fly” (Tip World)
Agnelli & Nelson “Everyday” (Xtravaganza)
Koncrete “Law unto myself” (Perfecto)
Junk project “Composure” (Liquid asset)
Antartica “Illusion” (React music)
S2S “What’s a girl..?” (Perfecto)
Mark Shimmon “Pulsating rhythm” (JOOF)
Mea Culpa “Spiritual light” (4D Recordings)
Morphem “Hypnotone” (Atomic Recordings)
“Visions of Eden” (Good:As Recordings)
Pan “What God thinks” (21:3 Recordings)
DJ Mind-X “Nightingale” (Additive Recordings)
Olmec heads “Lift off” (UCMG Records)
Eartbound “Essence of life” (Evenova recordings)
Fullillers “Love and kisses” (Automatic recordings)
X-Cabs “Neuro” (Hook/Bellboy)
The Whip project – (Horny Devil recordings)
Linzi Moore “Capture me” (Concept music)
Gloria Estefan “When will this moment end” (EMI)
Brainbashers “Feel so good” (Shock Records)
Edge 1 “Edge 1” (Edge Records)

Slip “n Slide “Hi-Energy” (Slip n slide)
Space “Avenging Angels” (Gut Records)
Non Alains “Give it to me” (Undisputed)
Mansun “Wide open space” (Parlaphone)
N-Trance “We come to party” (Harthouse)
Kinnane “Business” (Coalition)
Erasure “Sometimes” (Mute Records)
Jimmy Ray “Who’s Jimmy Ray?” (Sony)
Apache Indian “Real people” (Coalition)
Jeaney Tracey “Happyness” (Deconstruction)
My life story “Duchess” (Parlaphone Records)
Power house “Rhythm of the night” (3 Beat Recordings)
Joi Cardwell “Soul to bare” (Active Records)
Junior Vasquez “House of Joy” (Logic)
Amen “People of love” (Feverpitch)
Mansun “Tax loss” (Parlaphone Records)


John 00 Fleming ‘Fequent Intinerant’ -Mix comp (Iboga)
Euphoria Psy Trance 2 –Mix compilation (Ministry of Sound)
John 00 Fleming & Digital Blonde ‘Heaven & Hell’ Pt2 (Fektive)
John 00 Fleming & Digital Blonde ‘Heaven & Hell’ (Ministry of sound)
Euphoria Psy Trance 1 – Mix compilation (Ministry of sound)
Unfold – John 00 Fleming – Mix compilation (Ministry of sound)
White label Republic John 00 Fleming – Mix compilation (Hit mania)
IDJ Magazine covermount CD Mixed by John 00 Fleming (IDJ Magazine)
Gods Kitchen – Mix compilation (Sony Music)
Euphoria “White label – level 2”– Mix compilation (Telstar)
Gods Kitchen – Mix compilation (Sony Music)
Euphoria “White label” – Mix compilation (Telstar)
Gods Kitchen – Mix compilations (Sony Music)
Euphoria “Progressive” – Mix compilation (Telstar)
Gods Kitchen – Mix compilations (Sony Music)
John “00” Fleming “For your ears only” – Mix compilation (React music)
Gods Kitchen series – Mix compilations (Sony Music)
The best Trance anthems….ever! – Mix compilation (Virgin)
Sunny side up – Mix compilation (Passion music)
Reactivate 14 – Mix Compilation (React Music)
John “00” Fleming “Licensed to thrill” – Mix Compilation (Automatic)
Reactivate 13 – Mix compilation (React music)
Ibiza1998 – Mix compilation (Concept Recordings)
The real Ibiza – Mix compilation (Telstar)
Q-Music –Mix compilation (Fifty first Recordings)

Tracks appeared on (a short selection):

Gatecrasher – Discotech (Sony)
Gatecrasher – Experience (Sony)
Gatecrasher –Live (Sony)
Gatecrasher –Christopher Lawrence (Sony)
The Ibiza annual (Ministry of sound)
The annual (Various) (Ministry of sound)
Trance nation (Ministry of sound)
Creamfields (Thrive)
Creamfields 2 (New state)
Cream Trance anthems (Universal dance)
Cream Ibiza –Paul Oakefold (Universal dance)
Gods Kitchen – Global gathering (Sony)
Gods Kitchen –Life (Sony)
Gods kitchen –True sound of clubbing (Sony)
Gods Kitchen – Worldwide (Sony)
Euphoria – Psy trance (Ministry of sound)
Euphoria – Trance anthems (Ministry of sound)
Euphoria – Progressive (Telstar)
Euphoria – White label 1 &2 (Telstar)
The best club anthems (Virgin)
Trance energy (Universal)
Red alert (arsenic)
Ahead (Ahead music)
Two Tribes (Addiction)
Earthcore global carnival (Earthcore)
Subculture 1 (System)
Tranclucent 5 – (Transient)
Medem (Lightening)
Combi:ntions (ID&T)
The gathering (Vision quest Japan)
21st centaury clubbing (React)
Future trance Ibiza (Virgin)
Pocket UFO (Skills)
Reactivate 11 – 15 (React)
Translucent (Automatic)
Xtraviganza Ibiza (Extraziganza)
Club system 26 (EVA Belgium)
The ultimate Trance album (decadance)
Central Energy Transmission (Central station)
Infinity (BMG)
Street parade (Elevator music)