Exclusive BeirutNightLife: Hernan Cattaneo “Am looking forward to this night”

I am looking forward to this night, said Hernan Cattaneo one of the two Absolute Masters of Progressive House coming to Lebanon in an Exclusive interview with BeirutNightLife. Nick Warren & Hernan Cattaneo historical event at La MARINA Joseph Khoury (Dbayeh) will be held on May 8th, 2010, where you can witness Pure, Classy & Energetic Progressive House Music.

The first outdoor and indoor venue at La MARINA Joseph Khoury (Dbayeh), the venue will include a huge 15m height tent brought over especially to Lebanon for this historic night and an outdoor set up overlooking the unmatched magical setting by the sea of La MARINA Joseph Khoury (Dbayeh).

The Argentinean Master said: “Nick and I are very good friends, we have known each other for a long time and each time we have played together all over the world its has been simply great. I have played twice in Beirut before and both gigs were great the crowds are so friendly and enthusiastic they remind me a lot to the South American spirit.”

Herenan also told BeirutNightLife that he will play a variety of sounds and he won’t stick just to one kind of music, ” I believe in sounds not styles. I play what sounds interesting to me at any moment. People love to put names to music and i´m fine with that, but personally its just about the things i like and I don’t like,” added the Argentinean Phenomena.

“I think music in the Middle East is evolving really quickly into a more mature scene, with really good shows, amazing production and most importantly, a very good crowd. I would like to advice young Lebanese DJ’s and tell them that personality is the most important thing, and then comes hard work. These days there are thousands of good djs and producers around the world, but good is not enough anymore, you need to aim to the level of excellency or higher.”

Hernan also revealed to BeirutNightLife that his new Renaissance CD will come out in the summer and that includes his new singles, also there will be plenty of new releases on his digital label Sudbeat.