DJs of Lebanon: DJ MARK is Shaking it Down!


“In music the passions enjoy themselves.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

The Lebanese are renowned for their many talents, and music is definitely one of them. With so many outstanding DJs in the country, we thought we’d shine a spotlight to highlight some of the best talents in the field by launching the DJs of Lebanon. It’s a way to thank them for providing the soundtrack to some of the best nights of our lives and keep the beats going and going and going.

DJ Mark from The Shakedown on Radio One Lebanon chatted with, here’s what he had to say:

Who and what are the inspirations for your music?

Good sounds are always great music for me, whatever the genre might be.

How would you define your genre of music?

House /Progressive House

Where can we listen to you play?

You can see me playing every weekend at the new club, LEVEL 2 in Faqra, or listen to my weekly radio show “The Shakedown”, every Saturday night starting at 10 pm on Radio One Lebanon.

Do you have any albums? Or are you working on one?

I’ve done many bootlegs and mashups, and now I’m working on some tracks that will be out soon.

What was your favorite event or show you ever played and why?

The first time I played an opening set with MARCO V at the age of 18.

What’s the most difficult part about being a DJ?

When you travel to different countries, meet different types of crowds and try to satisfy them.

What’s the best part of being a DJ?

Interacting with your crowd and making them happy!

Do you have some hobbies? Can you tell us more about those?

I work out almost everyday, I love snowboarding, and lately I’m becoming addicted to Squash.

Where can we follow your news and updates, do u have a fanpage?

You can follow me on twitter/mark_shakedown

Facebook page :

And you can stream my sets on

Whats your favorite tune on your iPod now?

Zedd – Follow you down

How would you describe Lebanon in one sentence?

Lebanon is a country where the sound of music played by its politicians is destroying the profound echo of its beautiful nature and people!