“Music Is Not a Radio Station” an Interview with DJ TRIX

It is not easy to make a career out of something you love doing, especially when loads of competition are involved, but when you are driven everything is possible. The world of DJ-ing is much bigger then anyone expected. If hundreds and thousands of people do what you do, how can someone set himself or herself apart? DJ TRIX currently a resident DJ at Crystal Group’s Pier 7 took the time out to discuss with BNL how he got his start and gave us a look into what it takes to make a career out of something you whole-heartedly love.

TRIX explained where it all began saying, “I became interested in the electronic music scene while living in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2006. My roommate, Thomas Christensen, was an Electronic Music Producer/DJ and advised me to start DJ-ing because I had a big knowledge on different varieties of music since the age of 15. I was always up-to-date on new releases, moreover, he taught me the basic skills on mixing two electronic tracks.”

Where is TRIX showing off his skills at today? “On the 30th of June, I joined Crystal Group and became the resident warm-up DJ for a new venue in town called Pier7.”

The reason I enjoy TRIX’s sets are because they introduce a different flavor in regards to clubbing. What I mean is that TRIX doesn’t play the basic commercial hits. He explains his music as “basically I am known for my Bar Music selection, which includes: Funk Electric beats mixed with Soul and Pop, acoustic versions and a deep house set mixed with indie/dance music.

Because Lebanon is known for partying I always ask DJ’s if they find it easier to DJ in the country, TRIX answered “I am not going to say that it’s easier to DJ in Lebanon on contrary I find it challenging because the competition is all over town and it’s very hard to integrate new style of music and I guess this is my duty right now is to make people aware that deep house is not house or techno or trance. It’s slower, groovy, and emotional.” Hmmm that is definitely a good point.

Since TRIX became a DJ one of his most memorable events was, “in Berlin on the 28th of May and I had the opportunity to play in an event called “Fly For Sage Hospital”. It’s a fundraising event for Sage Hospital, which is based in Africa, and people would bungee jump from the 40th floor rooftop of the Park Inn Hotel. DJ’s were playing for 800 people dancing all night long. I am very happy to have been a part of the unforgettable experience.”

It’s inevitable that DJ’s enjoy their own music, they created it after all, but TRIX must have some musical influences, “Of course! All my music is inspired by none commercial DJ’s for example: DJ T, Soul Minority, Soul Clap, Lee Foss, Till Von Sein etc. Because I am not yet producing, when it comes to my work, I would like to send a message to all the Lebanese crowds a new trend of music.”

TRIX’s roommate helped him out with a push towards the DJ-ing direction, today TRIX has these words of wisdom for aspiring DJ’s, “All I can say is that inspiration does not come from one place, be curious about what’s happening in the other part of the world, be ready to experiment your style of music without being worried about feedback in order to upgrade your knowledge in the nightlife scene.”

      A memorable message from DJ TRIX to the people of Lebanon, “Music is not a radio station”

TRIX’s List of DJ Do’s:
– Have the passion for music and the pleasure to play in any situation
– Determine what kind of music people would like to hear at this moment.
– Accept special request for a song.
– Meet the right people and promoter.
– Be sociable and a good listener
– Never underestimate what people say- Accept feedback (good or bad)
– Follow up on new hits.
– Research Top charts and listen to new or old songs.- Prepare new Sets each month
– Practice
– Go to events and listen other DJ- Accept advice from professional DJ
– Be emotional and show interest behind the decks
– Never underestimate customers or other DJ
– Never say you’re the BEST or Number 1
– Take feedback from the owner- Accept exception
– Make people happy!

Enjoy the music : Trix Don’t Know What to Say on SoundCloud.com