Deadmau5’s New Album 4×4=12

It’s the giant LED mouse head which makes Deadmau5 the world’s number four on DJmag’s Top100. Or at least that’s what a lot of people believe. But, in reality, it’s Deadmau5’s superb ability to make extremely good, yet simple, no-nonesense approach to electronic music.

Joel Zimmerman, a Canadian who can be characterized as super-shy communicates with the media through a third party, and wears his mau5 mask to hide from his fans. Deciding whether or not the mask is just a gimmick will probably never come to an end, for it is a perfect tool for garnering attention to the persona Deadmau5, while preserving the man, Joel Zimmerman. A man whose identity was revealed unwittingly by the man himself as he was going up to receive a third award, after having more than 3 drinks on that night!

The new album is true to the Deadmau5 sound, with enormous basslines and beats mashed up with straightforward chord progressions in the music, and of course, to shake things up, sound diversions and alien elements break the beat up every now and then.

This time around though, Deadmau5 has focused on Breakbeat tracks in favor of his usual house preferences. He has also produced a particularly moving track: Raise Your Weapon with profound lyrics by the soulful Greta Svabo Bech. Raise Your Weapon is a testament to how the brainless fun of Deamau5’s tracks can just as perfectly be injected with emotions and meaning.

Sofi Needs a Ladder is the album-maker though, and the rap by Sofia Toufa proved to be the perfect vocal talent to support the heavy track. A familiar type of Deadmau5 track was Everything Before and my personal favorite in this new album. Some Chords landed itself a spot on the Need for Speed Shift soundtrack and is featured in the new DJ Hero game, so this album has indeed struck a chord with different audiences.

This enigmatic DJ, who collapsed while performing in Washington DC in the summer and subsequently canceled 9 shows, still managed to release this fantastic album and climb to become the world’s number four. We hope to see the mau5 mask performing in Lebanon soon… I know I really do!

Here’s the complete tracklist. Enjoy!

1. “Some Chords” 7:27
2. “Sofi Needs a Ladder” (feat. SOFI) 6:42
3. “City in Florida” 5:38
4. “Bad Selection” 6:48
5. “Animal Rights” (with Wolfgang Gartner) 5:19
6. “I Said (Michael Woods Remix)” (with Chris Lake) 7:05
7. “Cthulhu Sleeps” 8:31
8. “Right This Second” 3:42
9. “Raise Your Weapon” (feat. Greta Svabo Bech) 9:49
10. “One Trick Pony” (feat. SOFI) 3:19
11. “Everything Before” 6:30