BNL’s Exclusive Interview with 30 Seconds To Mars “Lebanon Show Will Be Complete F***ing Insanity”

The epic rock ensemble 30 Seconds to Mars will be landing in Lebanon next week! On July 15th the band will perform live in a momentous concert event. The show will be part of the Byblos International Festival. I have personally seen this band play numerous times and can honestly say that each performance delivered raw talent, surprises and pure musical passion.

The band is currently on tour, Tomo (Lead guitarist and keyboards) gave us insight to were the band was, “We have just arrived to Stockholm Sweden and we are going to take some rest today and tomorrow and then get ready to play The Peace And Love Festival here in Borlange in a couple of days.” He added “This Particular run is going incredibly well and we are all having a lot of fun on this trip. The shows have been amazing and we are so grateful to everyone that has been sharing the time with us!”

The band collectively has not been to Lebanon Tomo explained, “I have not been to Lebanon before and the band has not yet played there. I am not sure if Shannon or Jared have ever been there either, but I do know that we are really excited to come and perform for everyone there. This year has been all about going to places we haven’t been before and we can’t wait to come to Lebanon.”

When asked if they have any expectations for Lebanon, Tomo assured me
We have absolutely no expectations. We don’t really think in that way. We want to be completely open to whatever experiences we find and try to visit as much as possible. Generally, we will try to find out where some great local food is and we focus on the show and make sure that we are rested so that we can put on an unforgettable performance.”

The band is excited for many things, but on the top of that list is “we are most excited to play for the people of Lebanon. We hear a lot about it from our fans and friends on and are stoked to finally have the opportunity to come there.” 

The show is going to be packed with people, what should they expect from a Thirty Seconds to Mars show? Tomo Exclaimed “TOTAL AND COMPLETE F***ING INSANITY!!”

Now we know the band has no expectations for Lebanon as a country but I wondered if they had any expectations for the people of Lebanon. Again he assured We expect nothing at all. All we ask is that people come with an open mind and with the intention of having the greatest night of their lives. We strive to give people a pace where they can just let go and be completely free, a place where they can for at least a few moments forget about their everyday lives and just go nuts for a while. If we see this taking place, then we know we have done our part…the rest is up to you!” 

Thirty Seconds has toured all over the world. Tomo’s take on how America differs from Europe was quite settling, “Every single place is different in its own unique way so it would be very difficult to explain the differences so broadly, rather then compare the States to Europe as two different places, it would be easier to compare each state in the US to each difference Country of Europe. America is so big that you get such different types of people are your shows every night, just like the fact then when touring Europe you are usually in a different country and therefore playing for very different types of people every night as well. In that way they are quite similar. We often notice the similarities between audiences that come from such different parts of the world rather than their differences.”

The band has traveled all over the world experiencing many countries, states and cities. I knew 30 Seconds has traveled to Brazil so I asked Tomo to focus on that, as it is a place I have yet to visit, “Brazil and all of the South American countries are amazing. The passion of the audience there is infectious and addictive. We love playing there and can’t wait to be back!”

Thirty Seconds always seems to be working hard to interact with fans.  Has there been a point where it turned into a negative situation?
Not really, we nurture a really positive environment and try to lead by example in that way. We are very interested in what the people who choose to share this experience with us have to say and what they think. It has always been that way, and it will continue to be that way in the future.”

Tomo speaks about the motivation behind “This Is War” an album full of emotions, “The motivation was growth, change, conflict, and discovery. We are always looking to move forward and not look to our past for answers. This Is War is the first time that we feel we have to into our own true sound. We look forward to making a new album and discovering ourselves yet again. It is a painful and wonderful journey.”

For a band that is always on tour, how does 30 Seconds To Mars ever feel at home?
Tomo put it into perspective by explaining “The road is home. The stage is where we live and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We live for the show and every bit of our energy goes to that. We are always trying to find ways to make the show better and more exciting for the listener. We honestly don’t really get too homesick because we feel so grateful that we have the opportunity to do what we do with our lives.”

In closing Tomo and the band wanted to give this message to 30 Seconds To Mars Fans in Lebanon


About the band: 30 Seconds To Mars is American Rock band from Los Angeles California comprised of Jared Leto (lead vocalist, rhythm guitar and songwriter), Shannon Leto (drums, percussion) and Tomo Milicevic (lead guitar, keyboards). Brothers Jared and Shannon founded the band in 1998. Since then 30 Seconds to Mars have released three studio albums including; self titled “30 Seconds to Mars” (2002), “A Beautiful Lie” (2005) and their latest “This Is War” (2009). Their sophomore album went platinum officially opening the floodgates of fan pandemonium. The group has won over 20 notable awards including the MTV Video Music Award for Best Rock Video, MTV Eruope Music Award for Best Rock Band, and the Kerrang! Award for Best International Band.


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