Beirut Jazz Festival 2010 Opening: Charbel Rouhana’s Big Band

The Beirut Jazz Festival 2010 kicked off at the Beirut Souks in the heart of the B-city with Charbel Rouhana’s big band of 20 musicians. The oud mastermind and renowned musician was the perfect opening for the three day festival with quality Oriental Jazz music, tingling the ears of the huge crowd that gathered to witness the big opening.

Beirut Jazz Festival started in the year 2004, specializes in jazz and band performances. Accredited by the International Agenda of World Wide Jazz Festivals, the Beirut International Festival was first launched in the year 2004.

Topping the entertainment charts in Beirut, the Beirut Jazz Festival proves to be the most awaited jazz festival in Lebanon. This anticipated activity provides a comprehensive image of the cultural aspect of Lebanon, the Beirut Jazz Festival 2010 is expected to a vivid picture of the musical inclination of the local inhabitants.

This year the Lebanese Charbel Rouhana’s Big Band with 20 musicians, Patti Austin, Randy Crawford plus Joe Sample Trio will take part in this musical fiesta at Beirut Souks.