Beirut Jazz Festival 2010 Day 2: Patti Austin

Beirut Jazz Festival 2010 in its second day was no different from the opening. Crowded, live, energetic and moving. Patti Austin, the shining star at Beirut Souks that night at a moving live performance that amazed the attendees. The heart of B-City was touched by the jams and voice of Patti and her band.

Austin rich history of music with hit songs such as “Every Home Should Have One”, Razzamatazz”, “How Do You Keep the Music Playing?” was proved to be a treasure. After a string of successful albums, dozens of compositions recorded by a variety of recording artists, and collaborations with Jazz/Pop/R&B masters Quincy Jones and Dave Grusin, Austin remains one of the most prolific musical talents of our time.

This year the Lebanese Charbel Rouhana’s Big Band with 20 musicians, Patti Austin, Randy Crawford plus Joe Sample Trio will take part in this musical fiesta at Beirut Souks.

Beirut Jazz Festival started in the year 2004, specializes in jazz and band performances. Accredited by the International Agenda of World Wide Jazz Festivals, the Beirut International Festival was first launched in the year 2004.

Topping the entertainment charts in Beirut, the Beirut Jazz Festival proves to be the most awaited jazz festival in Lebanon. This anticpated activity provides a comprehensive image of the cultural aspect of Lebanon, the Beirut Jazz Festival 2010 is expected to a vivid picture of the musical inclination of the local inhabitants.