Lady Gaga Reveals Provocative Album Cover

With her next big hit single “Judas” on the way, Lady Gaga tweeted the cover image for her new album Born This Way two days ago.

As if the buzz around the album itself weren’t big enough, the artwork itself is receiving quite the hype, making it an event in itself.

Like anything Gaga, this image is obviously thought-provoking; making you wonder a bit (or a lot) as to what the story behind it is.

The image portrays Gaga as a metal Minotaur; half human, half . . . motorcycle?!

It’s a very unusual and unexpected mélange, but then again, Gaga is always full of surprises.

What do you think of the Born This Way album cover? Do you think it’s frightening? Disturbing? Confusing? Artistic? Creative? Ridiculous?

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