Gossip Gab: The D O double G Arrested on Marijuana Charge

We all love the godfather of Rap Snoop Dogg but if you saw his concert in Lebanon you know he has a guilty pleasure. That guilty pleasure unfortunately recently got him arrested. Border control agents at the Sierra Blanca, Texas, checkpoint (consequently the same border control that arrested Willie Nelson for marijuana possession in 2010) found what they called a small amount of marijuana on Snoop’s tour bus.

A spokesman for the sheriff’s office said Snoop Dogg opening admitted that the pot belonged to him. Snoop Dogg, or Calvin Broadus if you will, is not stranger to this conviction and has been charged numerous times for the same offense, not to mention a few others. This time the rapper was cited for passion of drug paraphernalia was released and given a court date of January 20th.

Remember that Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson got together to create the song “My Medicine”, which I would say is a small ode to the drug. Snoop openly raps about weed and has made it a part of his public image. I am sure this little conviction isn’t going to hurt him too much in regards to the public eye.


Do you think Snoop should have been let through or arrested for possessing the very small amount? (comment below)