Acoustic Elastic Compiled by DVJ KAA

After the great success of Air Snare’s very first compilation ‘1001 Flights’, here is a another compilation, from the Lebanese DVJ KAA, brand new chapter of exclusive grooves tuned into the cyberlabs of some twisted mind artists, trying to reach the frequency that would shape the acoustic of their music into elastic patterns.
DVJ KAA said that this is a cd that represent the new breed of electronic music along famous names such as Peter Gun and Duca, “I have built the tracklist a bit like an organizer would build a line up for a party. The music fanatics will expect a feeling of  energy going higher track by track, until we reach the peak of ravers in a frenzy, said the Lebanese founder of Air Snare Records.
KAA added that this CD is unmixed and dj friendly with a cd case slip inside, “As a dj myself I think its important to be able to please the music listeners but also to respect artist’s expectations. By designing the cover also, I’m constantly looking for the perfect fusion of music and visuals, trying to represent on the outside what people should expect from the inside.”

From deep dirty techno to pumping electro beats, this cd cannot be labeled for one genre of music only, but as a compilation, its more of a representation of the actual electronic scene.

This compilation is DVJ KAAs’ 3rd CD release and he is always looking  for new talents and paying tribute to the DJ’s he has always played for in parties or listened at home, “I have a feeling that the track list is one of the best Air Snare has released yet. We are looking for perfection of course, and constantly seeking for it. We really hope that our listeners will enjoy this cd as much as I did making it,” concluded KAA.

The tracklist includes 9West – Morning Breath, Duca – Fred & Lolo, Parrket – Trash collector aka DUSTMAN, Aerodrömme – Finale, Cid Inc – Plant, Elad Emek – This is not music, Pedro Campos & Mantis – Proxemic, Peter Gun – Magic Monkey, and KruggerFlaps – Fishsticks & Bitches.
Air Snare Records, founded by Lebanese DVJ KAA, have collected fine sounds from various artists around the globe, ranging from France, Chile, Germany, Italy, Serbia etc… Acoustic Elastic promises to be a thumping joyride from start to finish.
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