al Mandaloun Pâtisserie: the new gourmet destination

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Under the arches of an old Lebanese house, in the midst of the gardens of its café in Dbayeh,
al Mandaloun Group has opened its new Pâtisserie. This innovative concept brings together a pastry, a bakery, a boutique and a tableware and kitchen accessories section, delivering a unique experience to its discerning clientele.

The Pâtisserie

Crossing the threshold of the Pâtisserie opens up a world of pure pleasure. The evocative smells and sights all combine to awaken the senses and entice the palate, preparing them for the delights which await them. An abundance of childhood flavors, from marshmallows to jellybeans via smarties, cotton candy and more, are displayed alongside authentic and traditional favorites such as Babas au Rhum, Religieuses, Eclairs, and Lemon Tarts.

The enticing display cases also showcase original creations inspired by Lebanon’s culinary heritage, such as the Mafrouké tart, and the increasingly popular range of cakes, which are offered in a wide range of flavors from orange to pistachio, to red fruits, dried fruits, and chocolate to name but a few. In addition, and to meet all their customers’ needs, al Mandaloun Pâtisserie also offers a selection of tiered cakes for weddings and anniversaries, and a same-day takeaway service.

The Bakery

Baking know-how has always been a trademark of the al Mandaloun Café, and the new Pâtisserie continues this tradition in style. Artisan bakers work directly in front of the pâtisserie’s customers, kneading and baking their dough to produce a broad range of breads and pastries; from warm crusty loafs, to rustic or traditional baguettes, olive or sun-dried tomato focaccias, farmhouse breads, and batards among others.

To meet the dietary needs of their customers al Mandaloun Pâtisserie have also developed an in-house “Gluten Free” range of products, all of which are becoming ever more popular.

The Boutique

At the entrance of the boutique, a stunning table laden with a select range of tableware and kitchen accessories has been dressed. Elegant cast iron teapots stand alongside the finest spirits, wines, and champagnes and novel table settings, with each piece carefully chosen by Michele Souhaid, the pâtisserie’s Managing Partner.

To ensure their customers’ needs are always met, the boutique also offers a medley of original gifts and keepsakes for new births, weddings, christenings, and other special events, all offered with gift-wrapping tailored to suit any occasion.

al Mandaloun Pâtisserie: an indisputable destination for all gourmets.
al Mandaloun Pâtisserie
Address: next to the al Mandaloun Café, Dbayeh Old Road
Opening Hours: 09.00 to 22.00
Telephone: +961 4 547 411

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