b018 logo beirut lebanonB018 was initiated by its present manager Nagi Gebran, who is a musician. He started his professional career as a drummer in pubs at the age of 12. He is the cofounder of “Wrong Approach”, and alternative Jazz Band.
B018 was the code number of an apartment/studio situated 18KM north of Beirut. From 1984 to 1993, Gebran lived in the unit B018. During the war years, he was famous for his “Musical Therapy” sessions held in his B018 apartment.

At the end of 1993, Gebran moved out of his studio, he decided to take the B018 public. The first public version of B018 was built in an industrial sector of the north east suburbs of Beirut. In its early days, B018 operated without a permit in a 200 SQM structure called the “Black Box”, its only access was a dirt road.The unusual music and strange atmosphere were the main ingredients of the B018 concept which quickly became a surprising reflection of the night scene in Beirut. B018 was a definite success. By May 1997, Gebran was forced to leave the premises. The B018 was searching for a new address.

Bernard Khoury is in charge of the architectural concept and execution, the scenography and furniture design of the new B018. The building is executed and ready to operate in a record time of 6 months. On april 18 1998, the new B018 opened its doors to the public at “LA QUARANTAINE” LOT#317.

Address: Quarantina, LOT N. 317
Type: Night Club
Tel: 961 1 580018
Mobile: 961 3 810618
Fax: 961 1 790820
P.O.BOX: 175 – 668
e-mail: info@b018.com
url: http://www.b018.com
Style of Music: Drum n Bass, House, Progressive, Breakbeat and Trance.
Resident DJ: Ziad opening set, Main Gunther & Stamina
Cover Charge: 15$ Door Entrance, Table Reservation 40$
Capacity: 300 person
Opening Hours: 9:00 pm till dawn (N.B: From 9:00pm till 2:00am Lounge, after 2:00am after hour.)