ZARA Home Contemporary Collection

 Zara Home - Contemporary

¨From the refined Japanese aesthetic comes the inspiration of the art of floral arrangement. “Handmade” is back, along with the value of pure materials found in nature, offering us an imperfect natural beauty.

The memory of a simple life and the simplicity of objects take a turn toward the essential¨

Three colour groups define the style of this collection. The first uses a base of pure white, with grey and silver tones in a more minimal and masculine look. The second group draws on pure white, with shades of aqua blue and turquoise green. And the third accents the white base with warm tones, magenta and pink, bringing a more feminine air. The use of natural fibers, cotton satin, silk, linen and velvet show admiration for a simple, refined aesthetic with an artisan touch, reflected in the handmade prints. This season animal prints are adorned with a touch of soft colour, and floral prints are reinvented with a water colour effect. In objects, the matte effect reappears in the combination of materials like metal and ceramics adorned with fine hand-painted geometric enamels in line with the artisan trend.

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