Him vs. Her: One Night Stands

Taking a deeper, closer look into the night life culture, there are some taboo issues that not many people look into. One of them is “one night stands”.

He said: A one night stand is a quick and easy fix for me. It’s a great release with no nagging and no strings attached. I am not going to fall in love with girl or remember her name the next day. If she’s good, I’ll remember the experience. When I’m out looking for sex, I just want sex – not an entire relationship. Will I call her? If I have her number, maybe one day if I’m bored or lonely or horny; and maybe not, since I don’t want the headache that will follow!

She said: Too bad a girl can’t get away with a one night stand. A guy will be praised for it while a girl will just be insulted and degraded. If I ever did it, I wouldn’t tell you or anyone and will pray that the guy won’t remember my name or my face . . . ever! Some girls are stupid enough to do it and leave their phone number expecting that the guy maybe likes them, but the guy will never call them back – if he does, it will just be a booty call. No girl can expect something serious to come out of a one night stand, at least not in Lebanon.

What do YOU think about this subject?
Have you ever heard of a sober one night stand? Have you ever heard of a one night stand turning into a relationship? Have you ever heard a girl admit to a one night stand?