Graphic Studio

This collection, clearly influenced by Optical Art, is surrealism in black and white, in which all the items form a set of optical illusions. The abstract figures and prints combine with graphic designs to create an effect of movement. The stripe prints appear in different scales and lengths and mix with black and white paisley, with the occasional fleck of red.


Zara Home’s most sober collection this season is inspired by old-fashioned monograms, elegant with their pure lines. Colours such as white, beige and gold appear on silk and satin prints.


A journey through time that revives classic tie print patterns, floral designs or traditional folk patchwork designs, combining them with shirting fabric with Oxford-style stripes, chambray and denim. An attractive carnival of blue, white and red prints, flecked with lime green and yellow. The second part of the collection is inspired by the hand-painted pottery of the Mediterranean, with its arabesque patterns that give each item a touch of craftsmanship.



The Diva collection is inspired by the Renaissance and its excesses. The colours, textures and prints, with their pictorial appearance, are reminiscent of the works produced by the great artists of that period. Portraits and still-life of food, where the dominant colours are hunter’s green, maroon, aubergine and cream, set the tone for the prints. Lace and engravings are printed on fabrics to create a vintage look. This trend towards the past is rejuvenated by details such as animal print, with skulls and shiny, metallic details. A touch of modernity in this Renaissance-style universe!


A voyage to the secret underworld of the sea… The characters of marine mythology rise to the surface, creating fantastic illustrations and an ethereal atmosphere somewhere between reality and fiction. Pieces in aqua green and sand tones, with shimmer stitching and metallic tones give a submarine effect.

Rock Couture

With a rock style that looks fresh and sophisticated thanks to a range of colours with metallic tints, this collection is characterised by the symbolic use of the snake in all its forms. Its skin is printed on the fabrics and its shape adorns the decorative items, dramatically evoking a wild spirit for this season’s most strident collection.

Orient Express

Zara Home’s journey through the trends for this season could not end without a trip to the Far East. Taking its inspiration from the mystery and glamour of this legendary train, this is a collection full of silks and sheer fabrics, as well as delicate flowers and exotic birds.




This reflects the spirit of the adventurer and explorer that all children carry in their imaginations. The collection is inspired by the great outdoors and the unknown world that surrounds them. Archaeology-inspired graphics interspersed with forest animals and vintage solar system elements.

Charming Garden

A charming and magical garden where fairies, elves and other friendly creatures create a fantasy world through graphics and illustrations… Victorian touches give the pieces a retro feel.


Moving to the beat of a circus melody, Showtime uses acrobatic rhythms and magic tricks to mark the rhythm of clowns, acrobats, horses and dancing elephants.


A fantasy world of stars, oversized hounds tooth prints, and huge polka dots, colour the Abracadabra collection with a surreal touch inspired by shows and festivals.