The World’s Most Expensive Watch at Five Million Dollars!

While the watch certainly falls under the category of haute joaillerie more than haute horlogerie, don’t let the 140+ carats of glistening diamonds fool you: this watch required vast technical expertise to construct. What sets the Hublot Million Dollar unique pieces apart from other jeweled watches is the fashion that the stones are set: instead of traditional pavé or channel settings with visible claws or other metals holding the diamonds in place, Hublot opted to use the arduous method of “invisible” setting, where no visible mounting can be seen; giving the illusion that the entire watch is made entirely of diamonds harmoniously bound together.

Created with long-standing Hublot partner Atelier Bunter in Geneva, the 5 Million Dollar “Big Bang” watch required 14 months of work to complete. Not just the painstakingly precise labor required to set the stones, but also the time required to gather all the necessary diamonds from all over the globe and re-size them where needed. Unlike a Haute Joaillerie piece, where the design revolves around stones already in stock, the opposite approach was required to create the 5 Million Dollar Big Bang: The diamond cutters first came up with the blueprint for the watch,  then began their hunt for diamonds which would fit the design, while remaining uniform in quality and appearance.

The watch is adorned by 1282 diamonds, including 6 emerald-cut diamonds set on the bracelet; weighing over 3 carats each. All of course are of extremely high quality ( A VVS in clarity and G in color).

After its unveiling during Baselworld 2012, The Hour Glass of Singapore have purchased the watch, and just like the previous Million Dollar pieces, they will undoubtedly find a worthy home in short time.