What Men Think About Your Shoes

Everyone knows how differently boys and girls perceive things, and we all know how much men and women disagree on fashion. Women love fashion – most men simply don’t care for it as much as we do, and it’s very annoying and tiring for them to keep up with our crazy trends. Sometimes they love them, sometimes they find them ridiculous.

Let’s take shoes for example. I bought a gorgeous pair of rain boots in the winter of 2008 – it was the trend of the season. I was in love with them, until every single guy I know started nicknaming me “Bozo the Clown.”  They simply couldn’t understand why they’re so colorful, bulky and rubbery. Will I still wear rain boots? Heck yeah! Will men like them? Heck no!

Here’s what men think about the shoes you’re wearing – these are just opinions and generalization, not facts:

Bright Colored Shoes: These get you noticed and give out the impression that you’re fun and daring – the life of the party.

Super-trendy Shoes (Strappy Flats): These give the impression that you were transported from a different time – possibly from the roman gladiator era.

Make up Color Heels: Basically heels that match your lipstick. Think: hot red or hot pink. Guys love this and find it to be very subtly pretty and sexy.

Rain Boots: Guys find these to look more like a game of misfits, where your upper half doesn’t match your lower half.

Barely-there Sandals: Men love these, and find them to be a very natural look – like that of a beach goddess.

Socks on Pumps: Socks are very cute and school girl. Pumps are very sexy and sophisticated. Pairing the two is like an identity crisis, and men tend to get confused looking at them.

Fashionable Wedges: These usually have bold colors or designs on them with a wicked wedge heel. Men find this look very fierce and perceive women in wedges as very self-confident and extroverted.

Cowboy Boots: Men feel that women wearing these tend to be insincere and inauthentic.

Tall Boots: Even in a dress, she’s a woman that knows what she wants – she’s wearing the trousers.

Ultra-Girly shoes: Feminine and sweet in all the right ways. She’s the kind of girl that can convince a man to snuggle up on a couch with her and watch a romantic comedy, even if the idea of it makes him cringe.

Sky-High Pumps: A.K.A. Hooker heels. Men are in pain when they look at these and wonder how on earth you got into them and are baffled by how you can walk in them.

Platforms: A head in the clouds kind of girl, listening to music on her iPod while updating her Twitter status all day.

Animal Print Shoes: A girl that’s desperately dying for attention. “Look at me. Talk about me.”

Low Heels: A girl that dresses appropriately for work during the week, and dresses down in jeans and a t-shirt for the weekend. She is natural and comfortable.

Black Boots on Bare Legs: A girl whose feet and legs are sweaty!

What are your favorite types of shoes?