How to Wear the Right Jeans for your Body

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Regardless of your body type, whether you’re chubby, curvaceous, skinny, apple-shaped or pear-shaped, there’s a perfect pair of jeans for your body type.

Athletic Body: Female athletes tend to have large calves due to working out a lot, and this can put off the balance with the waistline. To give the illusion that you have slimmer calves and put more emphasis on your waist, wear flare jeans that are very slim from the hip to the knee while becoming loose from the knee down to the ankle.

Curvy Body: Bootylicious babes out there need a pair of jeans that will cover their butt while accentuating its sexy shape. Aim for a high-rise pair of dark jeans that will minimize the hip size while fitting the buttocks perfectly. The high waistline will cover up any extra meat around the waist and stomach while still enhancing your curves, and the position of the back pockets will make your butt look smaller and lifted.

Boy Shape: Skinny jeans are the way to go if you don’t have curves and feminine hips. Wear a hip-hugging, tight-fitting pair that’s dark-washed so that your legs look elongated and hips look more feminine.

Apple Shape: Jeggings are the best choice for this body type. Jeans combined with leggings will accentuate every skinny hip and leg curve while tucking in the excess belly.

Tall Body: The taller you are, the longer your torso, so aim for a high-rise pair of jeans that can cover up your behind when you sit down. Bootcut or skinny jeans both work perfectly with this body type.

Petite Body: Small bodies tend to have an hour glass shape, and finding the right pair of jeans is sometimes a nightmare. The trick here is to elongate the legs and create a balance between the hips and waist. The ideal pair of jeans would be a mid-rise straightcut that magically slims down any body type, making the legs look longer and a curvy butt look smaller.