Uniq Collection by Salsa

Uniq Collection by Salsa

Handcrafted clothes inspired by the culture & defined by contemporary minds.

UNIQ is outstandingly characterized by incorporating different cultural elements into wearable art while combining it with intricate craftsmanship.

UNIQ is an exclusive and luxurious collection inspired by the traditional culture of the North of Portugal. Each  piece  revolves  around  a  central  inspirational  motif.  The  special  details  emanate  from  the embroidery of  costume and Filigrana jewellery, an ancient art of working the gold, both traditions  from  Viana  do  Castelo.  Every  piece  has,  a  modern  twist  to  tradition,  delivering  new contemporary pieces all specially adorned with Swarovski Elements.

UNIQ  essence  possess  a  perfect  mix  of  denim  expertise  and  Portuguese  craftsmanship,  making  it completely  irresistible  to  Denim/Luxury  lovers.  Drawing  its  inspiration  from  traditions  the  UNIQ collection  celebrates  the  extraordinary  designs,  finest  raw  materials,   with  an  exacting construction, and the expertise of two decades innovatively working the denim. Our exquisite collection show you the meaning of a second skin.

Uniq Collection by Salsa 1

The extraordinary collection spans fluid tops, dresses and the jeans, whose fits were carefully selected. Each handcrafted piece of the collection represents timeless luxury. Embossed crystals, intricate embroidery and flawless craftsmanship finish each look.

For this first collection Salsa reinforced its partnership with Swarovski Elements resulting in an avant-garde collection.

… And, the search for inspiration never stops.