Tony Ward F/W 2010/11 Haute Couture Collection

The special collection unwinds through experimenting and aesthetic research aimed at retrieving and reprocessing old tailoring traditions by means of emotional narration. Art and passion, fascination and hope, and lust for life. The precious Tony Ward F/W 2010-2011 Haute Couture collection confirms the unmistakeable style of the Italian-Lebanese fashion designer and stands as homage to solidarity and hope. It is an act of love for all the women struggling against breast cancer. Silk, tulle, raffia and sequins give life to the Lebanese designer’s outstanding lines and sophisticated fabrics.

Metal grids are also used to symbolize the “cage” in which women struggling against cancer live. Tony Ward unleashes his own creative talent by mixing and combining the fabrics in cutting-edge ways: structured jackets on filmy and sinuous skirts, short dresses reminding of the Charleston style, Empire cuts with relief embroidery to highlight the volumes and play with flowers, voiles and transparent fabrics. The collection is available in a few, selected colors, mostly pink and its diverse shades: light, with mother-of-pearl tones, delicate, soft, and intense, as an allegory of youth and love and as the essence of the struggle against breast cancer.

Pink is the dominant color in evening dresses and sometimes it is matched with black, together with silver sequins and Swarowski elements on impalpable pleats and loose drapes. Daywear as well is clad in pink, in the form of suits with outstanding and definite, though sophisticated lines.

The collection is crowned by a spectacular bridal dress, seductive yet symbolic: the dress is meant for independent and self confident women who can face every special moment in their lives, from the day their dreams come true to when they can conjure up the strength to look ahead when their femininity is in jeopardy.