Tony Ward 2010 Collection

Emotions, creativity, charm and passion are the elements that transform the High Collection Couture Spring / Summer 2010 by Tony Ward in a journey through the history of fashion, culture and painting in an atmosphere of inspiration, innovation and creativity.

In his new series, Tony Ward drew woman like a painting, through the lines, diamonds, arcs and other geometric shapes and abstract simple.

The preciousness of gold contrast with the delicacy of the coral, warm orange, navy movement and elegance timeless black and white, adding a subtle touch of femininity.

The embroidery that Ward carefully added to each dress like a joyous smile summon the legendary art textures separate professionally married and woven as the luminous flux of rivers in summer.

Sewing unsurpassed quality also tells the extraordinary creative talent of Italian-Lebanese in the world of Haute Couture. Not only tradition, but technological innovation has contributed to the collection delightfully original.