From TOMS to Prada: Mens Shoe Trends for Summer 2012


TOMS are trending like crazy this summer, and although they may not be every person’s bowl of cereal, people seem to be accepting them more and more – especially the trendsetters who insist on sporting every new thing they hear about. I did notice that the TOMS style is what’s in more than the brand itself, seeing other big names with similar models, like Prada. What is the best thing about this trend? Comfort, comfort, comfort! And no socks required.

While TOMS are ideally worn on vacation, sailing trips, or paired with Bermudas on a casual afternoon, some men are actually wearing them on jeans and a white tee. Colors like navy blue and black are on the top of the bestseller list. So far, I’ve only found one place selling TOMS in Beirut for double their price in the US. You can buy your very own pair at Plum on Park Avenue, Downtown, starting at 100 USD versus their 50 USD price tag in the United States.


For those of you who are still finding TOMS too delicate on the foot – think: ballerina – you can check out the sexy new Prada shoes of summer 2012. They are similar to Toms, except rounder and certainly more stylish and appealing on your foot and outfit. They do come at a much more expensive price though, starting at 500 USD. They’re Pradas after all. Check them out at all Aïshti branches. You can now get them for 40% off during the sale season. Time’s running out so hurry up!


What do you think of this trend? Do you prefer TOMS or Prada?