The Lebanese Capital Meets the Capital of Beauty & Creativity: L’AZURDE

After the success of its 2010 collection the “Four Elements” in numerous Arab and African countries, L’AZURDE celebrates the debut of this astounding collection in Beirut. On July 22, Beirut Jewelry Week 2010 in BIEL witnessed a L’AZURDE event which featured a fashion show of the “Four Elements” collection, in collaboration with the World Gold Council, and in the presence of L’AZURDE’s ambassadress to the stars the Lebanese diva Elissa.

The launching event had a magnificent impact and a special dimension. It marked a premiere for L’AZURDE and the World Gold Council in Beirut, the capital of sensational creativity and passionate taste. Moreover, and for the fourth year in a row, Elissa continues to personify L’AZURDE’s values, and to express her great appreciation and fascination with its astounding designs.

Over the past years and until today, L’AZURDE continues to establish itself as the most renowned, authentic, and an icon in creative jewelry design. It succeeded in setting superior standards and trends through designing extraordinarily original and exquisite collections, which surpass the creations of the most famous international lines.

Through its premium jewelry craftsmanship, L’AZURDE communicates the values of beauty, luxury, sensuality and fashion. L’AZURDE has grown to become the most renowned and influential jewelry brand in the region, providing its loyal consumers with the finest quality and design.

L’AZURDE created the special 2010 “Four Elements” collection with great originality, attention to detail and excellence which drove this collection to success, and made it earn an exceptional stance in the Middle East and North Africa. The collection featured innovative depictions of the “Four Elements”: the luscious fire, the wishful water, the joyful wind and the vivid earth.  It conveys messages of elevated and transcendental levels of love and happiness, beauty and sensation, grandeur and sparkle, elegance and class, modernity and passion…

L’AZURDE, thankfully recognizes the efforts of the World Gold Council in bringing fashion and preciousness to the gold jewelry market as it played an important role in the success of L’AZURDE’s “4 Elements” collection. Furthermore, The World Gold Council deeply believes in the power of gold as an enchanting element, and a dear and refined gift that communicates the deepest as well as the most sincere and truthful of emotions.

L’AZURDE is the leading name of the most unique and elegant gold jewelry creations that reflect the rich talents of its international designers. These designers excel in a world of absolute creative freedom, bringing into life and making possible L’AZURDE’s premium jewelry. Marco Arioli, Silvia Botteghi, Ida Callegaro and many other renowned designers have proven their genius through the 2010 “Four Elements” collection to ascertain that L’AZURDE settles only for the best.