The Best Fashion Trends of Spring 2012: What to Buy

Spring has just begun, and with the start of a new season comes new weather and new fashion trends.

It’s time to hit the boutiques and update your wardrobe, but where do you start? What are the must-haves for Spring 2012 and how do you wear them? Read on.

Peplum: This feminine flare of fabric mixes retro with modern, and pairs perfectly with straight-cut trousers, a tight miniskirt or a pencil skirt.

The Jumpsuit: This is a very chic look, ideal for both day and night. Keep accessories to a minimum, with one statement piece – either a cuff or necklace, and eye-catching shoes.

Sleeveless Jackets: These are excellent for a day out in the city, an afternoon at work or a trendy dinner with some friends. You can wear this sleeveless jacket over a simple dress, or over a shirt-dress or tank top and trousers.

The Cuff: Whether you wear one or stack up several, this piece of statement jewelry is the perfect addition to almost any outfit.

The Ankle Strap: This adds a touch of sportiness and sexiness to your look.

The Statement Necklace: Big, bold and beautiful, a statement necklace can enrich your look – making it more dramatic. Forget that dainty, delicate necklace and opt for one that catches everyone’s gaze. Make sure to keep the rest of your look simple so that you don’t end up looking like a hot mess.

Colored Lace: This look is so sweet and feminine, as well as daring and sexy. Whether it’s a pair of shorts, a dress or a jumpsuit, bring on the colored lace. There’s no limit to when and where you can wear it.

Paisley Print: Paisley has made its way back into this season’s fashion, along with other bigger and bolder prints on trousers and jackets. Wear your paisley prints on your shirt or shawl.

Dangly Earrings: Here’s another piece of statement jewelry to look out for. Think: costume jewelry. Buy your earrings in bold designs and bright colors.

Choker + Pendants: Pair a long and delicate chain that falls right into your shirt, with a choker for a sexy and sophisticated look. Wear the two with a partially unbuttoned blouse or a plunging neckline to complete your outfit.

Colored Leather: Ultra soft fabric and vibrant colors will make any of you a leather fan. Pick a dress, skirt or a pair of shorts in colored leather and you’re ready for spring.


So ladies, what’s your favorite trend this spring?