Already now it has been six seasons since the brand found its inspiration in the city of Manhattan to create an exclusive tribute collection. Each season, ever since Autumn of 2012, when the brand decided to open its store on the emblematic 5th Avenue, it has been gathering together the essence of Massimo Dutti with that of the great city, creating a Limited Edition Collection overflowing with inspiration.

On this occasion the models that bring life to this urban spirit of The 689 Fifth Avenue Collection are seven. Anna Jagodzinska, MelodieMonrose, AlicjaTubilewicz and Valery Kaufman are the chosen women for the campaign, while Jon Kortajarena, Shaun de Wet and Florian Van Bael will be providing the more vigorous side of things. Jon, who will be working with the brand for the first time, has portrayed one of the most consistent and sound careers in the world of male fashion, having worked with some of the best designers on the planet.

There is no doubt whatsoever that the collection is the perfect combination of elegance and versatility, urban looks that indeed do not overlook the latest trends. Linen suits, silk blouses, soft kidskin skirts, timeless sandals and breathtaking accessories are the Key Pieces for the ladies. And for the gentlemen the essential articles are suits with linen or Egyptian cotton shirts, cable knit sweaters and leather jackets. This summer the colour palette saunters along nude, sand, apricot and cinnamon hues.

This summer’s collection is the glowing interpretation of the day-by-day of the city that never sleeps, prominent and top-class casual.

The 689 Fifth Avenue Collection will be available at selected stores and at