Spring 2012: The Most Wearable Fashion Trends

Hello Ladies! Spring is only a month away; so I must ask, are you ready to update your wardrobe with the latest catwalk trends?

Since runway shows feature a lot of crazy fashion, we’ve narrowed it down to the ten most wearable trends for Spring 2012 – stuff that you can expect to see on clothing racks in stores.

Vibrant Color-Blocking: Bold, solid-color pieces graced the runways, like cardigans, skirts, wrap dresses, one-piece suits and more. Stick to wearing a maximum of three colors so that you avoid looking like a bag of skittles.

Sporty Anoraks: Sporty clothing made its way to the list of spring’s trends with some added glam. Make your rainy days look chic and wear these trendy anoraks anywhere, anytime. They are the perfect match to almost any outfit.

Super Bold Prints: Although prints have been in fashion for a while now, this spring’s prints take it to a whole new level of boldness. Dress from head to toe in oversized florals, geometric shapes, parrot prints – you name it! You can combine one print with another for a very funky and daring look, or pair one printed item of clothing with a neutral solid color for the rest of your outfit for a safer, more classic look.

Oranges and Tangerines: Tangerine is definitely the color of the season. Not only did we see splashes of it all over the runways, but it’s such a chic, feminine and fresh color for spring. In case you don’t like this specific color, you can pick a color that suits you from a wide selection of orange hues.

Pink Shorts Suits: A pink blazer paired with pink shorts may not sound like the most wearable trend, but these suits were all over the runways. Shorts suits are really in now, so why not take it to another level and wear them in pink? If you feel it’s too daring, wear the blazer and shorts separately for a wider range of trendy, cute outfits.

Psychedelic Prints: These prints are to clothes what special effects are to movies. Simply looking at them will get your mind in a twist. They are a refreshing break away from classic patterns like plaids, polka dots and stripes. Make sure you wear only one clothing item that has futuristic prints on it, and pair it with a simple t-shirt.

Pastel Shades: Since all the trends so far are wild and colorful, this is a refreshing alternative. These lady-like sweet sorbet and pastel hues are very trendy this season and are ideal for a simple and feminine look.

Colorful Camo: Army prints no longer have to be in typical grey or dark green colors. This spring, you can wear camos with a softer, more feminine feel because of their pretty pastel hues. Pair them up with anything!

Metallic Basics: Yes, basics no longer have to be standard or boring. Metallic Fabric has been trending for some months now, and has made its way to spring’s fashion shows in the form of wrap skirts and skinny trousers in shiny bronze and emerald green colors. These statement pieces are perfect for a night out.

Peplum Shirts, Skirts & Dresses: Elegant, stylish and feminine! Pair these ruffles with some thick eyeliner and high heels and watch the heads turn as you enter the room – pure glamour!


Which is your favorite runway trend from the above?