Sarah’s Bag: 11 Years of Success

“It all started with a bag. What if every woman in prison could stitch, bead and sequin her way out? Each bag carries a little bit of hope with a touch of passion and a big promise of freedom. Year after year, for 11 years, Sarah’s Bag is still stitching, beading and sewing its way to your hearts, proud to be worn by women of the world, who believe in the woman of today.”

With this statement in mind, Sarah’s Bag celebrated 11 lovely years, surrounded by people who believe in the passion for creativity and the love for our culture.

Sarah’s Bag’s 11-year anniversary paid tribute to all the craftswomen, clients and friends of Sarah’s Bag who made each design worthwhile throughout the years. According to Sarah Beydoun, Founder and Creative Director of Sarah’s Bag, “every year spent with passion and love for the work should be celebrated. Why wait till we’re old to celebrate when we can celebrate our youth and creative maturity?”


For the occasion, Sarah’s Bag launched its first collection of jewelry, inspired by the orange blossom flower. “I love the smell of Orange Blossom, for me it is the essence of Lebanon, the scent of my childhood. So why not make this essence not only pleasant to the scent but to the eye as well?”


The event took place at Sarah’s Bag’s Showroom and atelier in Gemmayzeh on Sunday 11th of June, where guests were able to admire the new collection and wander in the rooms of the atelier that were turned into creative installations. One of the rooms was transformed into a “making of” installation set up featuring a big replica of the Iconic Sarah’s bag, with a projection showing the divers techniques used in the creation of each bag. In another room, guests were able to see a “Blast from the Past” on 5 TV sets that were tucked between the fabrics.

As guests roamed around the showroom and atelier of Sarah’s Bag, they couldn’t help but notice a bunch of colorful beaded birds tucked in the Olive tree at the entrance of the atelier. A sign on the tree read “The birds of freedom, beaded and designed by the artisans of the Baabda and Tripoli prisons.”

To show their loyalty and love for the brand, some of the guests attended the event wearing their own Sarah’s Bag.

And since an anniversary is no celebration without a birthday cake, a big photo shoot was organized where guests could take a picture popping out of a big birthday cake, wearing creative accessories, topping it with laughs and a twist of playfulness a la Sarah’s Bag.

Those lovely 11 years are just a beginning. The best years are still yet to come says Sarah Beydoun.