Rana Saab: Beach Line

Rana Saab is a certified Image Consultant, accredited from the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) and appointed as their Ambassador for the Middle East. She specializes in Individual, Group and Corporate image consultations, covering the areas of Style personality, Body and line analysis, Color analysis, wardrobe assessment and personal shopping in addition to body language and non-verbal communications.

Her line is based on my expertise through styling a large number of different clientele. Peaking through wardrobe audits and travel packing where most people tend to toss their shoes, lingerie or swimwear in the first shopping bag they land on, she found a need to organize and store personal belongings in a stylish manner.
Absolute sat down with Rana to chat about her Beach Line, her fashion philosophy and why the simplest lifestyle details should meet individual style.

Who is the beach line for?
The beach line is a funky and fresh addition to my original pack in style™ line, which had the laundry bag and the shoes bag. It consists of the beach, wet bikini and flip-flop bags.

The wet bikini and flip-flop bags are the ideal solution for packing your precious thingies in style, whether for traveling or organizing.

What’s different about them is their design and production. Made of clear material with neon colored leather, print, embroidery and zippers, it is practical to spot your belongings, without worrying about any drips from your wet bikini or sand on your flip flops traveling to other things in your bag. They are made for anyone who appreciates good design in terms of style and practical solutions, ideal for owning or gifting.

The beach bag is an addition to my pack in style™ line, made to suit different style personalities, at the same time keeping with the main concept of style meets practical.

The practical side lies in the fact that all the beach bags are of a big statement size made of clear material, making it easy to fit and find all your beach needs. The style lies in the design itself, taking into account 4 core style personalities, differentiated by the color palettes and pocket design.

How are the beach bags different?
I have not seen anything similar on the market yet. Aside from its practical side, the bags are funky and fresh, each with its own character and story, which is explained in the brand leaflet accompanying the bag. You get to choose the one that reflects you the most, from the color combination to the design. The 4 bags are labeled the Beach Diva, Beach Rocker, Beach Chiller and Beach Saver.

You’ll love this line if you are not a fan of “ordinary” events, you need to make an entrance, even if it’s at the beach!
Your swimsuit, sunglasses, flip-flops and towel spell designer, even if it’s your own trendy design. Bold, feminine, elegant and chic… now you can carry a clear piece of “you “ and flaunt it in style.”

Define your style?
My style is a mixture of creative, dramatic and natural. I appreciate clean lines and design with a statement twist.

Since you’re an image consultant do you take different body types and people’s styles into consideration?

Yes, I do. For the beach bags I have focused more on the style personalities than on body types, as I wanted each bag to appeal to an individual style, which is an area that no other designs I’ve seen have related to yet.

Is there a design that suits all types?
I believe that classic designs tend to suit a large group of people but I cannot say there ever existed one design that can suit all style personalities. The beach line reflects how a subtle add-on to the same bag can transform it to appeal to different styles.