Paul Smith’s Stamped Objects

For over 15 years Paul Smith has been the intrigued recipient of mysterious ‘Stamped Objects’ – objects sent through the post to Paul from an unknown admirer.

‘For many many years I have been receiving these crazy things from an unknown fan – male? Female? It’s really amazing. It seems to me to be more artistic than a lot of so called art which is revered around the world. Objects such as a ski, a football, a chair, a surfboard have arrived through the post but NEVER in a box – always with the address and stamps on the actual article. I find it fascinating and intriguing but really don’t want to know who the sender is.’ Paul Smith

The ‘Stamped Collection’ includes a huge and varied collection of everyday objects that have been stamped and posted to Paul, all of which present a real sense of humour. Without any packaging, objects first began arriving in the mid-90’s from the United States– address and stamps placed directly on the bonnet of a toy car, on the leather of a football, on rubber gloves even on a bicycle saddle. Whenever a new arrival appears in Paul’s studio, it is always met with a smile and brightens up the day.

Usually housed in Paul’s office alongside the quirky curios that he has collected from around the globe– the stamped objects have gained notoriety amongst Paul’s fans leading to a much celebrated exhibition at the Daelim Contemporary Art Museum in Korea in 2010. This was the first time the entire collection of objects was displayed together for all to see and invite people to share in Paul’s intrigue. Consequent curations are planned.