PANDORA Now In Beirut at ABC Achrafieh


Luxury Selections, the official distributor of PANDORA Jewellery in Lebanon, announces the opening of the first PANDORA concept store in Beirut at ABC Mall-Achrafieh.

PANDORA, a Denmark-based company, is a leading Jewellery brand renowned worldwide for its unique, customized charm bracelets within  a very wide selection of exquisite hand-finished sterling silver and 14K gold charms enabling customers to memorialize special and unforgettable moments of their lives. The charm bracelet is complemented with the delicately crafted and genuine jewellery collection.

To celebrate this special occasion, Luxury Selections hosted a press & media event at the boutique followed by lunch in the presence of PANDORA Founder Mr. Per Enevoldsen, Mr. Peter Mark- PANDORA Jewellery President for CEE and Middle East, Mr. Steen Bock- Panmeas Jewellery LLC CEO/Chairman of master Franchise and official distributor of PANDORA Jewellery in the Middle East.

To introduce the brand’s unique universe of high-quality, accessible jewellery, the venue was magically transformed into a cherry blossom garden making this special moments of one’s life, while revealing the latest creation of the Spring/Summer PANDORA collection. The “Champagne statut” was offering drinks to all attendees under the melody of the saxophonist “Karno” making these moments unforgettable.

Mrs. Karine Alam, Luxury Selections Business Director says, “We are very excited to introduce and extend the wonderful world of PANDORA to the Lebanese market and build on the brand’s high level of international recognition”. Alam added: “We are proud to be part of the PANDORA family and honored to inaugurate our first concept store today in Lebanon under the special attendance of PANDORA founder Mr. Per Enevoldsen”.

The PANDORA shop is located in the heart of the renowned ABC Mall-Achrafieh revealing through its wide facade the unique and exquisite PANDORA concept store with all its furniture custom-made in Denmark. PANDORA is recognized by customers all over the world for its beautiful, individual jewelry capturing life’s unforgettable moments & emotions with a high level of aesthetics and excellent craftsmanship.

The new PANDORA shop in Beirut is the latest addition to the company’s more than 10,000 points of sale on six continents. PANDORA, with its unique concept of fashionable yet accessible jewellery of the highest quality, is today one of the world’s three largest jewellery brands at retail value within the genuine silver and gold Jewellery market.