Marcella M. Launches the SS15 Love Collection in Lebanon


Marcella M., a fashion designer with professional experience from New York, launched the SS15 Love Collection on March 15, 2015 at Marcella M.’s show room and workshop in Mar Takla. This Love collection is Marcella M’s first official release in Lebanon, and can be described as edgy, sexy, classy and feminine ALL in one. It stems from the belief that it always takes TWO sides to consolidate ONE ultimate love. This love is the message behind the collection’s breath taking two-piece ensembles, which eventually merge into a single piece of art on the female body.

More than 300 people attended the event and were able to discover the SS15 LOVE collection. They were immediately struck by the bright colors of the collection, the edgy yet feminine designs, and of course the fact that everything was cut out into two beautiful pieces. Guests also greatly appreciated the meaning behind the collection, as all the pieces represent and were named after strong women who are loved and appreciated by the designer.

When asked about the launching, Marcella M said: “This was particularly special to me because it is my first event in Lebanon, my home country, a place that only symbolizes love, happiness and warmth. After working in New York for a couple of years and gaining professional experience in the fashion industry there, I decided to bring my New York skills to the streets of Beirut, fusing them with my oriental background to create a curiously sensual mix. I have always believed in the extraordinary talent of Lebanese designers and creators, and have always wanted to launch a collection in Lebanon and contribute to the fashion scene there.”

After tackling the fashion world in New York, Marcella M. is looking forward to building a name for herself in Lebanon. She also hopes to be able to give back to  her country, by transmitting her fashion skills to the new generations and encouraging them to reach for their dreams, as she was once encouraged to do so.