Manly Funk: Bold Winter Shoes

Super cool shoe trends are coming up this winter as we see conventional molds come to life with a new twist! have their pick of a few original designs for shoes and boots with different fits, styles, and accessories in ‘Men’s winter shoes 2013’.


The collections of men’s shoes winter 2013 successfully refute stereotypes about the inviolability of tradition in men’s fashion. The current trends of the season encourage imagination, and the designers presented many interesting solutions for men boots and shoes without breaking the model of masculinity.

The high men’s boots – are the trend of men’s shoes in the coming winter, which clearly show the influence of fashionable retro and military styles. Men’s traditional-length boots are also fashionable. Ankle may be free or form-fitting, and the sole can be standard or with a deep fluted pattern.

One of the most popular models of men’s shoes for winter is massive high boots with laces. The lapels made of fur, fabrics, leather and knitted fabrics are fashionable in the new season. Except for the traditional and grooved soles, men’s winter boots on a flat platform are in fashion.

Lacing, zippers and straps with metal buckles are popular in men’s shoes collections winter 2013. They may have only a decorative role or be a functional element of the models. Some designers offer models with the zippers located on the heel. Boots with two zippers are also interesting.

The designers use leather, suede, nubuck, suede, fur, fabrics and knitted fabric to create the models in the new season Very stylish are the boots which look like they were worn; such models are made of smooth skin and velvety fabrics. Complex models, combining different textures of materials, are in fashion.

Black, brown, beige and gray – are traditional colors of men’s shoes. Besides these colors, mustard, burgundy, olive, emerald and blue are popular in the new season. Wool fabrics with abstract or geometric prints are often used in the combined models of boots and shoes. Color blocks and original decoration: line, applications, animalistic and ethnic drawings are in fashion.